Setting up a basic HTTP development server

When writing a website or web application, it is convenient to use a basic HTTP server to host your assets locally. Webpack-dev-server has some issues when some assets are generate

Creating inlays for my drawers

I put my boxmaker to use once again, to create some insets for a drawer that has accumulated junk over the years. Stuff that belongs nowhere else, like paperclips, screws, magnets,

Create your own local npm packages

Npm makes it very easy to use your local code as if it was a published npm package, without actually publishing it. It provides a link command to do so. Just open terminal and cd i

Adjusting listitem bullet space in CSS

The default whitespace after a <li> bullet is a little too large for my taste.Here is a CSS way to put your listitem text closer to your bullet than the default. 1234ul li:be

Setting up a hexo blog

Hexo is a framework for creating blogs like this one. Here are the instructions I followed setting up this website. The install instructions on the hexo website installs hexo globa

Let's encrypt

Let’s encrypt makes it easy to add encryption to your webserver. Install let’s encryptsudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install letsencrypt Generate your certificateGenerate a certi

Installing and setting up nginx

Installing nginxInstalling the nginx webserver is just an “apt-get install” away. apt-get update apt-get install nginx After this, browse to the IP address or domain of your server

Setting up SSH

You first want to generate a pair of public/private keys on your local computer. ssh-keygen -b 1024 -t rsa By default the files for the keys are named id_rsa and and sto

New server setup

These are the instructions I follow for setting up my Ubuntu 16.04 server Customizing the command promptFirst i like to change the command prompt to be a little more clear as expla

Terra Mystica box and insets

I play the board game of Terra Mystica a lot. The original box that contained everything got a little too small after getting the expansion “Terra Mystica: Ice & Fire”. So I us

Use and customize external SVG files

Load your external SVG file into your HTML document 1<object data="filename.svg"></object> You can access the content of the SVG document with javascript, and use it ho

BoxMaker sketchup plugin v0.0.1

This is a plugin for Sketchup which creates a 3d model of a box that can be laser cut. Installing the plugin: Download the plugin Open Sketchup Choose window > extension manag

Customize your terminal prompt

Customization of the terminal prompt is possible through the PS1 variable. The following value displays username, hostname and current working directory in different colors: 1PS1='

Run local npm package binaries

Running local npm package binaries without specifying the full path to the binary in the node_modules directory requires to add the npm binary path to the default path locations. C